Sometimes it takes many years to get something really right. 

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Jones and Maury Haymore have been playing music together since they were teenagers. Brian's delusions of grandeur and way with a phrase, and Maury's abilities as a drummer made the band an absolute craze at school. They knew they were in for life. After high school, they moved to Washington DC and brought the music to the burgeoning punk scene there. Ever the rebels, The Blue Thumbs! could be found playing the local clubs in spic and span sharkskin suits among the mohawks and eye liner. Clean, ethereal, exalted harmonies and complex worldly rhythms -  the music was far more serious than anyone would have suspected  - at the time it was just fun, and a lot of it. Many packed houses and long nights later, it was time for the next move. Island Records took notice, and brought the band to New York City by way of Nassau, Bahamas.

That piece of good fortune brought Evan Richey to the group. He was working as a producer and recording artist at the time, having trained classically at The Juilliard School. The Blue Thumbs went through a series of development deals and rocked houses. Like so many amazing artists at that time in music history, they never really found a label home in the shifting sands of the mid eighties music scene, despite the constant interest and attention.  They also never stopped writing, playing and recording either. Somehow, whenever these three got together what happened musically was absolute magic. They brought the house down countless nights in NYC, finally signing with Times Square Records. 

Reaching for more creatively  they have turned back homeward to find the sound. Home with Evan Richey, who beyond being a gifted musician is a gifted producer. Evan's production skills and musical prowess bring razor sharp clarity to the music and a profound understanding of what makes it great.  The most exciting chapter for this amazing ensemble has just begun - the new album is being produced by Evan at Ovation Sound in Winston Salem NC. This partnership has endured as have many of the songs forged in those early days. It is rare you get to experience something that is old and new at the same time - World Color is one of those things. An evolution. That's what "new traditional music" is; something instantly familiar and the obvious product of enormous investment of time, brought to you fresh.